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IMPCO's Japanese headquarters are based in Fukuoka, which lies on the southern Kyushu island of Japan, close to Nagasaki. The company started in 1975 as an independent distributor of IMPCO components, IMPCO Technologies Japan was formally created in 1999 as IMPCO looked to expand its direct presence in Japan.

IMPCO Technologies Japan provides distribution of IMPCO components in Japan, as well as providing direct support to many significant industrial Japanese OEM's who incorporate IMPCO product into their designs worldwide.

IMPCO Technologies (Japan) Co. Ltd.
4-3-9 Morooka Hakata-Ku
Fukuoka-City, Fukuoka 816-0094
Tel: +81 92 592 7270
Fax: +81 92 592 7280
email: info@impco.co.jp
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  IMPCO is a registered trademark brand of IMPCO Technologies Inc.